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What is foam rolling? Foam rolling has become quite popular in the health and fitness community. Foam rolling is using a cylinder, typically made of foam, to self-massage your body. Using this cylinder you basically give yourself a deep tissue massage to break up tissues and fascia. This can speed up recovery, help with mobility, help break up cellulitis, and assist you in your strength training.

Check out the foam rollers we use here: And here

When you foam roll you are forcing blood out of your muscle (like a sponge) and when you move off of said muscle it fills with fresh blood, bringing oxygen and nutrients back into the muscle helping with recovery, mobility, and muscle soreness.

Some methods we use for foam rolling are to use a roller to search for any tight spots and find some knots. I typically hold on any knots that I find (just like they would in a deep tissue massage) and roll from my neck down my back to the point where the last ribs meet. You do not want to roll any lower than that because your lumbar area is much more at risk for injury. After the back I roll my Glutes, hips, and Piriformis. My Glutes are typically sensitive to foam rolling, with some practice you will learn what is a sensitive area and what really is a knot or tight spot that needs worked out, foam rolling certainly can be painful, but it doesn’t need to be brutal. I then roll down my hamstrings and calves, which are also typically a tight spot.

After a quick run through your posterior chain you should hit the front of your body as well, taking time to explore the pectoral muscles and shoulder joints. Afterward, I hit the quadriceps and adductor muscles, this is always one that looks strange, so try to find a comfortable place. Then I roll my shins. After a quick run through on a roller I will use a mobility ball to roll my hips ankles and feet. Your feet are very important because of how much abuse they take daily.

Grab a mobility ball here:

Try adding in a daily mobility drill for a couple weeks and let us know how you feel!  Jenna and I typically do our mobility work in the mornings with our coffee and also a short amount pre/post workout.