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22: What Are Macros?

If you're looking into health and fitness then surely you've heard about Macro-nutrients, or Macros for short! Well if you've ever wondered what a macro is or maybe why you should care today we dive into an explanation of why. We also discuss our experiences with...

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What is fasting?

We both have practiced intermittent fasting and use it to help keep our bodies working to their full potential. We offer lots of tips to make fasting safe and easy.  

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19: 2018 in review and 2019 Goals

Want to hear our episodes about our PR of the years?! 8 things I couldn't do 8 weeks agoSpartan Super After Action Report We would love to hear your 2019 GOALS! Head over to our facebook or instagram pages!Here are our goals (Help hold us accountable!)Continue to Stay...

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15: The Importance of an accountability partner

 What is an accountability partner? He/ She is your Swolemate-someone you can be honest with about your goals, dreams, also your slip ups and when you fall short. They help you stay focused on what you want and help you reach your goals by making sure you stay on...

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14: This is how we (Foam) Roll

This is how we roll. What is foam rolling? Foam rolling has become quite popular in the health and fitness community. Foam rolling is using a cylinder, typically made of foam, to self-massage your body. Using this cylinder you basically give yourself a deep tissue...

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