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Happy Monday friends! This week we are going to talk about Sugar. We all know sugar is bad for us, so why do we continue to eat it? Well, it’s because Sugar is severely addictive! This week we dive into some of the reasons sugar is bad for us, why we have such a hard...

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What Is a Podcast?!

Did you know we host a weekly podcast?! Yep you can listen to us every Monday talking all about health and fitness! Here are 4 ways to listen 🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧 1) On Apple devices: Go to your native podcast app (it’s a purple microphone). Search swolematespod. Click subscribe! OR...

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The time is NOW

“Time is like a river. You cannot touch the same water twice, because the flow that has passed will never pass again.” I’ll start Monday, I’ll start tomorrow, next year I’ll do this. One of these days I’d love to..... it’s a trap that we all fall into. Life is busy, I...

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Finding your why?

How often have you said “I wish I had motivation” whether that was referring to working out, or nutrition we’ve all said it. The problem with that mentality is that motivation, when it does come, is short lived. We don’t need motivation, we need discipline. The...

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Our First Spartan Race

I'm not sure how but Cody found out about this race-called a spartan race. But he decided this would be a fun experience for us as newly weds. It was an experience alright!One I feel was actually very formative during our first year of marriage. We learned how to get...

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Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will

  “The hardest part is signing up.” It’s a quote we hear quite often, but why? Why does fear paralyze us all? - it’s the unknown, it’s the line in the sand. So many times in life we find that the time leading up to an event is when we are fearful but why then, in the...

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Hey There!  Welcome to the Swolemates blog!     What is a Swolemate you ask? A Swolemate is your fitness buddy for life. The one there to cheer you on,  in times of great success and the one there to pick you up when the bucket is too heavy to carry. Your Swolemate is...

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We are The Swolemates! This is a podcast and blog all about building muscle and your marriage. Each week we will be here to bring you fitness tips, delicious recipes and so much more. Join us on our journey to keep our bodies and our marriage in tip top shape!

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