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Queso Fresco Stuffed Peppers

You can find the two ingredients for this recipe at Aldi! Making this cheap and quick! They can be prepped ahead for snacks or a side dish.



Ready In:

15 Min

Good For:

Snack or side dish

About this Recipe

These queso fresco stuffed peppers came to me in the Aldi’s Isle. I found this Queso Fresco Cheese and just knew I had to make something with it. The packaging even suggested stuffed chili peppers. 


  • 1 package Queso Fresco
  • 1 Bag Mini Bell Peppers

You could absolutely use any cheese you want here. But this queso Fresco had a great melted texture. The cheese is thick enough to easily slice and stuff into the peppers. This can be done a few days ahead of time. I stuffed all the peppers in the bag and stored them in the fridge for the week. Used them as snacks and a side dish.

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1
Slice the tops off of each pepper and remove seeds and stems.
Step 2
Slice the Cheese into Thin Strips
Step 3
Stuff as much cheese as you can into the hollowed out pepper
Step 4
Store for up to a week, enjoy cold, or Broil for 5-10 min

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