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I’m not sure how but Cody found out about this race-called a spartan race. But he decided this would be a fun experience for us as newly weds. It was an experience alright!One I feel was actually very formative during our first year of marriage. We learned how to get through the mud and muck together and came out closer on the other side. Regardless of your fitness level a Sprint Spartan Race is accessible to everyone, if you go in with the right mind set.
Below I have included a post race packing list-just a few things to take care of yourself!

Towels for the car- you will probably be dirty and wet on the ride home!
Flip flops or sandals- because who wants to have shoes on after that?!
Full change of clothes (ladies you won’t want to wear that soaking bra home!)
inhaler or other allergy medication (if needed)
antibiotic ointment
Band-aids (for blisters)