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Hey There!  Welcome to the Swolemates blog!



What is a Swolemate you ask? A Swolemate is your fitness buddy for life. The one there to cheer you on,  in times of great success and the one there to pick you up when the bucket is too heavy to carry. Your Swolemate is the one who meal preps with you and shares a pint of halo top. A Swolemate does not have to be a significant other-but they do play a significant role in keeping you motivated. You and your Swolemate will continue to grow in fitness and in health! Through this blog we hope to become YOUR Swolemate- keeping each other motivated and accountable!


We are Jenna and Cody, not only the Swolemates but also soul mates. We’ve been married almost 4 years and are going on 9 years together. So we have been around each for many health ups and downs. We encouraged each other through overcoming injury and losing the freshman 15. We cheered each other on for High school PRs to first Spartan races. This blog/pod cast is an opportunity for us to bring you along on this journey to keep our bodies and our marriage in tip-top shape!


During these past 9 years we have supported each other while training for 5ks, 10ks, a Half-marathon, a Tri-Athlon, Power Lifting competitions, Spartan races, and GoRuck challenges. We are not professional athletes- Just normal people who enjoy moving our bodies!


Our current fitness interests include; lots of Rucking with our Aussie, Yoga, weight training, functional fitness, and mobility work. We eat a low carb, high fat diet and I ecstatic to share my recipes with all of you!!


Our plan for this podcast is to bring you along on our journey to stay healthy! The episodes will have a fitness and healthy living focus, but we plan on discussing marriage topics from time to time as well. If you have any topics you would like us to discuss let us know! Find us on social media @ swolematespod


Use the hashtag #swolematespod and show us who your Swolemate is!


Until next time, stay strong and focused!