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You have goals. And if you break those goals into actionable steps then you have a plan! 
I have to have a plan for everything weather that’s a grocery list so I know what to buy or a list of things I want to achieve in a week. If I don’t set goals and make a plan then nothing happens and nothing gets done and I make no progress. 
A workout plan is the same way. I have done in the past where I’ll just go to the gym and decided what to do when I get there and rarely is that a good workout.  But if I have decided what I’m doing for the week then part of the decision is made and it’s easier for me to go and have a better workout. 
So step 1: set a goal with a date!
Do you want to run a half in 6 months. Or do a spartan in 3? Maybe you want to weigh x lbs on your next health insurance screening. What ever it is set a goal with a date.
Step 2: Then decided what will support your goal. What skills do you need to develop to achieve that goal and what fitness activities maybe don’t support it. If your goal is to run a half then doing Powerlifting  5 times a week might not help you achieve that goal and you may need to up the number of running days…If you plan on doing a lifting competition this spring then you should be lifting and won’t be running as much as the person training for a half. 
Step 3: Decided how many days and how much time you can realistically dedicate-then dedicate them! 
Step 4: Give your self a cross training day and a day focused on stretching- 30 min stretch and strengthen session goes a long way!
Or combine these and go to a vinyasa style yoga class-strech, strength, cross train all in 60 mins!
Step 5: Write it down! If it’s just floating in your head it won’t happen! And then you can see what you should be doing that day.
Keep it simple! Don’t get too elaborate
Re evaluate and change as needed.
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